Lessons Learned with Creeper1 & Applying them to Creeper2

As we get ready to start Creeper2’s build-out, we have spent a lot of time reflecting on our experiences with our first Sprinter van conversion project. Our goal is to re-apply the good and leave the not-so-good behind. Here are a few thoughts we have had about how we can do better with the Creeper2 build-out.

  1. We live in the desert, and we have dogs who travel with us often, which is why we installed a rooftop air conditioner on Creeper1. This allows us to leave the dogs in the van while we grab supplies or eat a meal on hot days. But the rooftop AC requires a generator, which is noisy and takes up precious space. We are trying to avoid installing either device in Creeper2, for simplicity’s sake (not to mention avoiding the $1500+ cost!). The majority of our Creeper1 renters have reported to us that they never used the generator, anyway.
  2. Creeper1 has a loft bed because we needed to be able to fit full-size dirt bikes inside the van. The loft bed has worked pretty well in Creeper1, but we are going to build a lower platform bed with built-in storage underneath for Creeper2. We think a lounge-type bed will be more accessible and will achieve a more homey, welcoming look and feel. Motorcycles will just have to go on a hitch carrier or trailer.
  3. We love the way the wood paneling looks in Creeper1, and we plan to use it for Creeper2’s ceiling. But we will switch things up a bit and install cabinets and solid white paneling on the side walls of Creeper2.
  4. Creeper1 still has the stock vinyl flooring it came with. We are going to upgrade Creeper2 to rubber coin patterned flooring squares. It looks cool, and seems to be durable and easy to clean or replace. It also offers an easy way to add a pop of color to the van.
  5. We went with no back windows in Creeper2. We are going to cut small windows in the back side walls so we can see outside from the bed, and to add some ventilation to the rear area. This will enhance privacy as well.

So what do you think about our Creeper2 build notes? Please leave your feedback in the comments.

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